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The second Hank read that Olivia's door was open, she cursed to herself and shut her laptop part way, clambering to her feet. "Dad! I'll be in Liv's room!" she called out through the open door.

"You don't finish that assignment, there's gonna be hell to pay, kid!" he barked just before she unceremoniously shut the door.

"Whatever, motherfucker." she huffed under her breath, grabbing her laptop bag and her schoolbooks before padding down the corridor to Liv's room. She was really starting to hate the fact that everything everyone had to say about her was spot on...being known that well again was a little unnerving.

Liv was a band geek and annoying as shit...but she was also easygoing, and just as clueless as Hank most of the time, without being at a total loss. The two of them could swap advice that would either fail or fly, and all without the stupid adult bullshit getting in the way.

Without even bothering to announce herself, Hank got the door open to Olivia's room without knocking and kicked it shut, moving over to drop her stuff on the table.

"'re a fucking moron." she declared without preamble, pointing at Olivia for emphasis when she had a hand free. "You're a goddamn fool, and you need to be sterilized so you don't procreate and shit. You have *not* been flirting with that dumb motherfucker."


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