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Name:Hank Callahan
Birthdate:Nov 11

Name: Henrietta Diane Callahan

Nicknames: Henry, Hank, Hank D, Princess

Character Race: Slayer (unaware)

Character Abilities: Slayer strength, senses, and speed, enhanced healing capacity, sixth sense (includes prophetic dreams and memories/knowledge of Slayers that came before); also a fairly adequate street fighter with a few martial arts moves in her arsenal, excels in and has a deep interest in science at school

Character Weaknesses: all the weaknesses of a human, embraces honesty almost to the point of being cold, has a predilection towards chasing the almighty adrenaline rush and while very bright, doesn’t take full advantage of her short, she’d rather be out all night chasing vampires and demons

Age: 16 (and a half)

Occupation: Slayer/rogue “demon hunter”/student/part-time waitress and table busser at a local diner in Detroit

Nature and Demeanor: can handle just about any situation, responds very well to pressure. Naturally charismatic and funny, but doesn’t believe that being liked matters much. As a result, she does and acts how she wants. Combined with her predilection towards blunt, sometimes brutal honesty, she can come off as fairly bitchy and downright cold. If you can get past her mulish front, however, you find a young woman with a strong sense of right and wrong, fierce loyalty, and a quirky and crass, albeit subdued sense of humor.

Appearance: (Emily Browning)...5'0", slight but well-toned build, long brown hair with red highlights (naturally straight, but she likes to curl it on occasion), dark eyes, various scars littering her body consisting mostly of cuts and scrapes, with a grand total of five vampire bites

Friends/Allies/Acquaintances: her “hunting crew” back home

Family: mother deceased, father Cain Callahan, aunt Valkyrie Callahan, uncle Julius Callahan

Quote: "Wow. You’re a complete genetic freak, an egomaniac, and an asshole to boot. And yet you look surprised to hear think a fella would know this shit about himself already.”

History: Born in a lower-class neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan, Henrietta was raised by her mother and grandmother. Growing up, she knew very little about her father...only that she had his name, he was a med student when he met and dated her mother, and that her mother had cut all ties the moment she knew she was pregnant, so he had no idea that Henrietta even existed.

Despite the fact that money was an issue at home, Henrietta grew up relatively normally, the biggest loss she ever knew being her grandmother’s death when she was six. In school, she did exceptionally well in science and math, but often got in trouble for slacking off or causing a ruckus. As she got older, general dissension among classmates turned to fistfights and hanging out with members of local gangs just for a few cheap thrills.

It was the start of a descent into more self-destructive behavior, but oddly enough Henrietta’s gang affiliations would save her from that path when she met a young man who belonged to a street gang that didn’t deal in crime, but in a whole new kind of extreme sport.

The favorite game was a new breed of far can you go before you cave? The targets? Vampires and demons. Exposed to the world beyond the one she knew, by the time she was thirteen she was eagerly throwing herself into training for the games, then heading out into the playing field... ‘chasing fang and horn’ as it was called in her crew. Though the targets always ended up dead, if things went well, it wasn’t the kill they focused on: it was the thrill of the chase.

Henrietta took to the game like a fish to water, incurring more than a few battle scars and winning the day a little more than half the time.

Then the day came when she woke up...and the game changed.

Suddenly the vampires and demons liked her better, coming at her with twice the ferocity of before. At the same time, she got better at playing...the fight came easier, the monsters stopped hitting so hard, and she recovered more quickly from her injuries. Chalking it up to improved constitution and endurance, she played the same as ever, and wrote off her strange dreams as a guilty conscience...shades of her strict religious upbringing from her mother, and her new instincts she attributed to simply improving at her favorite pastime.

As her life changed imperceptibly, so did her life at home in a far more drastic manner. When her mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died six months later, Henrietta became a ward of the state pending location of a blood relative who could take custody.

A little research revealed that her father was not only alive, but around, and when she found out that the courts were actively trying to locate him to turn her over, Henrietta realized she couldn’t ask a man she didn’t know to be stuck with her until she was of legal age. Consulting with an attorney (in fact, the father of one of her running buddies), Henrietta decided on emancipation as an option. All that would be required was to track her father down, let him know what was going on before the courts did, and let him know he had an out.

So with that in mind, Henrietta packed a bag and snuck out of the foster home where she was staying, beginning her search for her father, and for freedom...


DISCLAIMER: This journal is strictly for RP purposes only. I am not Emily Browning, nor do I own BtVS. The character of Henrietta Callahan, however, is my own exclusive creative property, copyrighted, and not to be used or duplicated anywhere without my express written consent. So don't sue me, and don't steal, and always remember to floss. ;p
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