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I know myself fine, thanks for asking.


Truth is, I don’t have any fucking clue who I am, because I don’t have any fucking clue about my family...paternal, anyway. It’s been about three weeks since Mom died, and about a week and four days since I got into this fucking mess with Callahan.

I came looking for him to get help with my emancipation. But I think I also just wanted to meet him, y’know? Fill in all the holes Mom couldn’t when I was growing up. But now I’m fucking stuck in this mess with all these crazy people who suddenly want to be my family and shit. I don’t know what the hell to do.

And my father? Craziest fucker of them all. I minute he’s cool, talking about all these great concerts he’s been to and the monsters he’s killed, and the next? He’s fucking grounding my ass for *three weeks* for cussing him out. And you know what getting grounded is when this dick is your dad and you’re on the road? No going out. No radio in the car. No TV or cell phone.

And worst of all? No chasing fang. I harsh is *that?*

Cain called Social Services back home, but so did I...I pretended to be my own social worker. Somebody reported him missing or some shit back home, so the courts won’t turn me over to him until a DNA test gets done. They say he can act as my guardian pro tem, though...least ‘til the test is done, and the custody hearing is over with. That was initially scheduled for the first of next month, but the test may push it off. I don’t know.

But if it don’t? I got another week to deal with this asshole riding me like a fucking pony.

Still...hanging with him does explain a *lot* about me. He’s obviously the reason I’m such a bitch. He’s also a doctor...maybe that’s why I’m such a science whiz and stuff. And he hunts things that live in the dark...maybe that’s how I got to be a Slayer or something.

I have his nose. And his eyes. I fucking look like him...only thing I ever shared with Mom was my hair color.

And aside from being a royal dick...he’s okay. He seems like he really does want me here, and I wasn’t expecting that. Real good to his family, too...and they’ve all been pretty cool about everything.

Okay, so my dad’s not bad. But he threw a wrench in all my fucking plans and now I don’t know what to do.

I was going to make my own my own woman. *That’s* fucking who I was supposed to be.

Now that I’m stuck with my dad...I can just be myself again.

And I don’t know how to handle that.


Muse: Henrietta "Hank" Callahan
Fandom: BtVS (OC)
Words: 489
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