you are alive with so much feeling (rp for [ profile] girl_ofsecrets)

Aug. 28th, 2009 03:16 pm
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Hank was really reluctant to use the word. Partly because it meant something, partly because she wasn't sure it fit...partly because it scared her, just a little. Vampires and demons were no big deal, but find herself a girlfriend and she was shaking in her shoes.

But she wasn't. Just because they were sleeping together didn't mean anything. They were best friends. And having sex. And studying together all the time, and okay so maybe they had dinner a few times after that night...

Sighing, Hank dragged her bike into the elevator leading up to her floor and scowled at herself.

Somehow, she'd ended up with a girlfriend, and with a little effort she was going to figure out exactly how it was all that blonde bimbo's fault.

She was still mostly annoyed-only-not when she unlocked the door of their suite and rolled her bike in, easily hoisting it up to sit in the rack mounted on the wall. Dropping her bags, she stormed straight to Claire's bedroom, walked in without knocking, and flopped down in bed to stretch out beside Claire, who was torn between the notes in her lap and whatever show she had playing on TV to distract herself from the work she needed to do. She was silent, just laying their side by side with the other girl for a good long while until...

"Pinky? Are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
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