May. 29th, 2008

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1 - Dad ([ profile] big_callahan)...his name is Cain. He's a doctor...surgeon or some shit, but he does the trauma thing real well. He's a hunter, like most everyone else in my family. Thing that gets me most about him is his personality...he's an asshole. My mom was totally cool, but Pops...okay, he's cool, too, but a total prick. It's I know where I got to be such a goddamn bitch, y'know?

2 - Mom-In-Waiting ([ profile] baileigh_solis)...her name is Bee. Baileigh, actually. She's a Slayer, just like me. She's got great hair, way too perky for me, and she makes my dad totally happy...they're engaged and shit, it's totally sickening. Plus? Well...if my real mom can't be alive, I'm glad I have her. Even if she does try to make me shoe shop with her...when I need help, she's there. Always...and I love her. Fuck it.

3 - Aunt Kiki ([ profile] little_callahan). Valkyrie's her full name, but who the fuck's gonna call her that? She's my dad's sister, and talks weird. She was born in the UK, but raised in Detroit, so she's got this funky fucked up accent. She's almost as perky as Bee, but a little more aggro...also a hunter, like Dad, and she was almost a cop. She's good people, though...most cops I know are pigs.

4 - Uncle Max ([ profile] m_carter)...or just Carter. He's weird...dude's a werewolf, and he's currently sticking it to my Aunt Kiki. He's cool, though, controls himself during the full moon and shit. He's old as balls, and just as nasty. But he's a lot like my dad, really cool. And he loves my aunt...that's good for her, 'cause she's had a seriously shitty hand dealt her. Y'know...except for getting to be in this family. That helped her. And me.

5 - Uncle Jules ([ profile] middle_callahan). Julius...he's an artist. He'll tell you contractor, he's full of shit. He works with wood, mostly, and he's really good. He gets really crazy and makes me and Bee these kickass stakes...all ornate and shit. He's really mellow and totally cool...talks sense into Dad and makes Kiki stop flailing and think when she gets all worked up. I can hang with him and just be he doesn't get all warped when I talk about biology at school and stuff. Doesn't make me feel like a brain, which I hate.

6 - Aunt Blakely...Blake to her face, or she wigs. She's Aunt Kiki's biological sister...Dad, Kiki, and Jules are all adopted. Kiki's biological pops slept around, though, so Blake's her kid sister. Blake's amazingly mellow...kinda gruff, like Dad, but no bullshit. I can talk to her about the stuff Bee and Kiki would flail over and Dad would freak about. She's also this wicked badass psychic...I'm just glad she's a good guy.

7 - Liv ([ profile] liv_alittle). She's Olivia...and technically? She's my aunt, too. But she's only, like, a year or so older than I am. More from Daddy Dearest...she's a good pal, though, more like a cousin. Music student, as hot as I wish I were, kind of a bookworm. That's okay, though...she's learning to fight, a little at a time, and it's nice to not be the only minor around, ya feel me?

8 - Dalt-Man ([ profile] dcprescott), aka my Great Uncle Dalton. He's Kiki, Blake, and Liv's uncle, so...yeah. He's a freelance journalist, totally British, and a total tool. But I can deal with him...he's a recovering alcoholic, and he's doing really well. We're all proud of him. He's also one of the few people in this joint not wigging over me least not publicly.

9 - Mom...Naomi Garrison. She died of pancreatic cancer about...Jesus, it's been almost a year. She was really cool...worked at the same diner I did for a while, before I left looking for my dad. She always told me about him, that's why I got his name even though Dad wasn't around most of my life. She left him, see. Anyway, she was a good mom, and losing her fucking sucked. I still miss her. A fucking lot.

10 - Joe Bartlett ([ profile] joebartlett)...fuck it if he's my boyfriend, he's still fucking family. Joe's the stepson of the girl the Dalt-Man is currently fucking. He is, also, my bitch my boyfriend, so no looking or touching. He's hot, he's cool, and he doesn't freak just because I can whup him in a fight.

There's way more, like Peter, Angelica, Lauren...but hey, I got ten slots, and my family's way too fucking big. Sue me.

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